MI Technologies was founded in September 2005 in Johannesburg, South Africa, with offices in Cape Town and Durban. Started by Nazim Israel (director), Shafiq Maroof (MD) and Abubaker Maroof (director), MIT's member-shareholders also include Najoe Israel:

Shafiq Maroof
Shafiq Maroof started in the ICT industry in 1991, as a 17 year-old assistant technician at a computer cabling company. Within five years he was made regional manager for the Western Cape (head office), and national sales director. At the end of his tenure he was a director, heading up the company's BEE drive. In 2005, along with Abubaker Maroof, he started his own cabling venture and took a stake in Johannesburg-based NI Cabling, founded by Nazim Israel. Along with Nazim and Abubaker, Shafiq established MI Technologies, and opened an office in Kwazulu-Natal. In time, the new company won all Old Mutual's cabling business. MI Technologies was officially established in 2007.

Abubaker Maroof
Abubaker Maroof began his ICT career in 1995, on site with the flagship account of a cabling company. Under Shafiq's guidance, he took over the account as supervisor, along with another supervisor. In 2005, he left to join NI Cabling along with Shafiq.

Nazim Israel
Nazim Israel started in ICT in 1987, working for a cabling company until 2000, when he started his own cabling company, NI Cabling, in Gauteng. In 2005 Nazim was approached by Shafiq to become a shareholder in Shafiq's company, along with his wife, Najoe. Along with Shafiq and Abubaker, Nazim opened a KZN office.

Najmoenisa Israel
Najmoenisa started work at NI Cabling in 2000, and later took over all administration duties. She is now in charge of all branches creditor/debtor accounts.



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